Hey Dr. Urand,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help. 

As you know I have been taking Tramadol for peripheral nerve pain due to knee surgery. 

Taking the Tramadol left me with terrible constipation. I even took stool softeners, laxatives, and a couple of enemas, which I would not recommend to anyone. One would think that they would help you, but they actually made the situation worse! 

After each colonic I noticed that I was getting better each time. I have completed a series of 4 colonics and I have not felt this well for a while. I am now able to move my bowels with no constipation. The colonics also helped greatly to detox and remove any effects of the Tramadol in my system! 

After reading about colonics I never realized that it helps so many different kinds of ailments! 

If there is a way to share my letter to everyone, please do so. I believe colonics will help anyone!

Thanks again, 
Love, AJ


Dear Dr. Urand,

I’ve been wanting to send you a note of thanks for the help you gave me. Here I am almost a year later doing it. You helped get me back on track physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Thank you.

My wife and I very much support the Naturopathic approach to health and healing, but I’ve been much less disciplined putting it into practice until a year ago.

We are both well and strive to keep it that way.

Thank you again. HB


It is comforting for me to know that my family is in such caring hands. Having grown up with a family MD, every experience I have with naturopathic medicine (as limited as it is), helps me to feel the differences from the “mainstream” medical system. I appreciate the foundation, guiding principles, and methodology. Up to now, I have wondered if, how, and even when the MD world works well with naturopathic medicine. This concern and lack of understanding is why we asked about family doctors. I appreciate the learning experience and am delighted to have you as my family doctor.

Thank you Dr. Urand.



Thank you so much for taking such good care of all of my comrades! You are the talk of the office! I think three have come up to see you, DJ today (new raving fan) and SW and JK. There’s still a few more that I’m sure will follow. I’ll be back in to see you soon for more allergy stuff.



Doctor Urand,

Through your quick, simple, and painless in-office hip adjustment procedure, I was able to walk away free from the back and lower abdominal pain that had plagued me for weeks. Thanks so much for your care and caring.