New Patient

What to expect from your first visit at Sound Naturopathic Clinic:

The first visit is scheduled for 60 minutes. This time will be spent with the doctor who will gather a complete case history, address your chief complaint(s), obtain a review of systems, and conduct a physical exam. The doctor will develop a comprehensive treatment plan including a follow-up plan.

On the same day of your visit, be prepared to receive an in-office treatment and to purchase recommended supplements which is in addition to your office visit. You will leave our office with an individualized treatment plan suited to your specific health needs.

First Office Visit Paperwork: Please complete and sign the following forms prior to your first office visit. Bring ALL forms to your appointment. You can also e-mail or fax your initial paperwork to us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

New Patient Intake

NAET Paperwork: Forms for new patients who will be receiving NAET only. Please print and complete all forms prior to your scheduled allergy elimination appointment which is scheduled for 30 minutes.

NAET New Patient Form


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