1. Payment: Payment is required at the time of service. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, cash, and checks. There is a $45 fee for all returned checks or notice of insufficient funds.

2. Cancellation Charge and No Show Fee: You will not be charged for a cancellation if you give us the proper notice. We require you to call and cancel your appointment during normal business hours* with a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you fail to give a 24 hour notification you will be charged a cancellation fee of $45.00-$65.00. Additionally, we reserve the right to charge you for your entire office visit in cases of cancellation or no-show.

*Business hours are Monday-Thursday 9 am-6 pm and Friday 9 am-1 pm. In order to cancel a Monday appointment, you will be required to call by Friday at 1 pm.

3. Phone Consultations: Brief (1-15 minutes) phone consults are $55.00 and extended (16-30 minutes) phone consults are $85.00.  This fee is NOT charged if the patient is calling for clarification of on-going therapy or if the doctor has asked the patient to call. Telephone consultations are available for established patients when an office visit may not be deemed necessary or possible. Phone consultations are not covered by insurance.

4. Supplement Pick-up: We are more than happy to fill your supplement orders for pick-up. If you have a large order and know what you want please feel free to call and place the order. In the interest of time, we highly encourage you to call ahead. We will do our best to have it ready for you when you arrive!

5. Returns: We do not accept returns on dispensary items that have been opened or are unopened but have reached their expiration date. We cannot accept returns on injectables or anything that requires refrigeration such as probiotics.

6. Fragrance Free Environment: Out of respect for our chemically sensitive patients, please do not wear heavily scented perfumes, colognes, after-shaves, hair products, soaps, and laundry detergents.